Really works, noticed results fast!

MJ - 10/31/2011

I started using this product after some research on the web. I was drastically losing hair due to stress at work, and at 21 years old having clumps of hair come out in your hands was very distressing. I started seeing results in about 3-4 weeks, taking the tablets 4 times a day, hardly any hair was falling out!! My hair loss has stopped and I’ve dropped my dosage to 1 or 2 a day. Would recommend highly.

Be patient and give them time to work!

Loveliest girl - 09/23/2013

I had been using these for about 6 months and hadn’t noticed a difference. Was about to stop using them but when I went to my hairdresser she was amazed how much new hair growth I had and advised me to carry on. My hair is long and fine so any thickening is bound to be subtle. My new hair growth is about 6 inches long now after 15 months of taking these tablets so it is not a quick fix but it does work if you are patient. I can see a real difference on my crown and my hair is now also very shiny and healthy looking. And I definitely lose less hair when I wash or brush it.

Fantastic product! I have really noticed a huge difference in my hair! Recommend!

EMLEMO "em_lem" - 07/05/2011

I do not normally write reviews but I thought I wanted to share my experience if it helps others to decide on trying this product. I cannot recommend it enough! I have been taking it since September last year and my hair has improved beyond belief! My hair started falling out a few years ago and was noticeably weak and lifeless. I thought it was a phase so didnt do much but unfortunately it didnt get any better and really got me down, affecting my self esteem. I visited a tricologist who, after blood tests, confirmed my iron levels were so low that the hair could not grow. She recommended Florisene but sold the tablets at £30 a pack! After finding it on Amazon for this fantastic price, I never looked back. After around 6 weeks, I noticed it became fuller and new hair began to grow. Now after nearly a year, my hair is shiny, long and full of volume! I am complimented on my hair so often which is such a nice feeling, after so many years of feeling down about my hair. I will continue taking these tablets and I really recommend them to anyone who suffers from the same problems I did! They really work!


"kladd" - 05/14/2014

I can’t speak for myself because I never keep to taking supplements as I should but i bought some for my daughter and she has noticed a difference in her hair though she uses other things. For her to say they are good is something because she was a hairdresser.

It works!

V.P. - 01/12/2014

This really works! well it did for me. I never knew that hair loss is linked to iron levels. But it makes sense because I’m a vegetarian and have always suffered from low iron levels. I can now see baby hairs growing where a lot of hair had previously fallen and my older baby hairs are longer. My hair is in better condition (but that might be because I’ve started using argan oil). Overall this product has done what it says and I’m over the moon with it!

Love florisene it made my hair strong and grow

Helkenny - 07/20/2014

Love florisene it made my hair strong and grow. If you are losing your hair, this product is for you

Takes time, but worth persevering

CallyK "Kieslowski fan" - 11/03/2012

I’m 58 and used to have masses of thick curly hair, which although it did thin out after pregnancy and childbirth always grew back again. At the menopause however, I became aware that I was losing an unusual amount of hair every day and this went on for months until suddenly my hair looked really thin. This is the only thing that has helped at all. It does take time, but I can honestly say that my hair is much thicker and shinier than for many years. Not back to my 20 year old hair, but a vast improvement on the thinning rats tails I was left with after the menopause, which I found pretty depressing. The volume and shine and bounce are back again. Good product.

Worked for me!

Mava70 - 02/03/2014

I had started shedding copious amount of hair, tried various supplements and even went to an hair clinic to ensure I didn’t have some sort of scalp infection or disease. At the hair clinic I was given a clear bill and was advised to check my iron and ferritin levels as those are known factors contributing to hair loss in women. They advised me to have a blood test and if low to try Florisene.
Blood test revealed an extremely low level of ferritin. So, I started using this product at 4 caps a day, but found it made me unwell, so I downgraded to 2 caps in the evening to avoid any nausea or cramps.
I started seeing results in about 2-3 weeks, perhaps my ridiculously low ferritin warranted for quicker results.. don’t know.. but even taking 2 tablets a day, 45 days later, with rather long hair – lower back length – I hardly see more than a few hair during washing. Combing my hair is not has disheartening any more.. My hair looks shiner and definitely healthier.
I will continue to take this product.
I Would recommend highly.

No improvement

CW - 09/06/2013

bought these first time off Amazon then found them bit cheaper at a local pharmacy! i used them for 6 months – very regular and with a balanced diet – i do not drink or smoke either! – i saw no improvement in hair growth or skin condition – nothing! only thing it started to make me feel sick towards the last week towards the 6 month mark! Sorry!

Need to be patient

shireen akhlaghi - 08/08/2014

Finding these tablets great! Can see regrowth after been using a few months and my hair definitely feels thicker! Will keep purchasing.